Doubling Your Impact for Clean Water

Double your donation for clean water

Doubling Your Impact for Clean Water

Part 2 or 3 (read Part 1 here)

UPDATE: Patagonia exhausted the match. Thank you to all who doubled their donation for clean water!

Outdoor gear manufacturer Patagonia has laid down an exciting challenge for Clean Water supporters. Between now and the end of the year, the company is making up to $10 million available to match donations made to environmental nonprofits Patagonia has supported in the past. Clean Water Fund is on that list.

How much of Patagonia’s $10 million will end up going to help #ProtectCleanWater ? The answer could be up to you. Donate now using this link on Patagonia’s Action Works web site.

We expect that Patagonia’s generous matching offer will not last for long – lots of great groups are organizing their supporters to donate and the $10 million may be fully committed in the next few days

Can you help Clean Water Fund take full advantage of this incredible opportunity to bring new resources to the fight to #ProtectCleanWater ? Donate now using the above link, and help spread the word!