Strengthening Clean Water Protections

Clean Water is working to protect clean water and restore safeguards for our nation's wetlands and streams that feed our drinking water sources, filter pollution and protect communities from flooding.

More than 72,000 comments opposed to the Dirty Water Rule!

The President Can’t Miss This: Clean Water Action delivers more than 72,000 comments to EPA

"EPA will try ignore this, but it can’t. The public doesn’t support its dangerous scheme to fundamentally change the Clean Water Act. Despite limiting comment on the most aggressive attack on protections for clean water since the Clean Water Act was passed in 1972 to a paltry 60 days, Americans are unified in opposition to the Dirty Water Rule."

Clean Water Action on Andrew Wheeler's Confirmation

Washington, D.C. -- Today the Senate voted to confirm Andrew Wheeler’s nomination as Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Clean Water Action: The Executive Orders on Climate Show the Biden Administration Understands What's at Stake

"By centering science again in decisions about how to best protect our water and act on the climate crisis, and placing a renewed focus throughout the government on environmental justice, the Administration has made clear it is serious about putting the needs of communities across the country first."