Strengthening Clean Water Protections

Clean Water is working to protect clean water and restore safeguards for our nation's wetlands and streams that feed our drinking water sources, filter pollution and protect communities from flooding.

Clean Water Action: Court Ruling Affirms that the Dirty Water Rule must go

"This ruling affirms what we have said since the beginning -- the Dirty Water Rule was sloppy, ignored the latest scientific findings about water quality, and put vital water bodies at risk of pollution and destruction."

Stream in a yellow meadow

What's at stake with the Dirty Water Rule

In January 2020, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finalized it's Navigable Waters Protection Rule (AKA "The Dirty Water Rule") to slash fe

Clean Water Action Congratulates Deb Haaland and Michael Regan

"Now that President Biden’s team is nearly in place, we’re eager for the Administration to continue to take bold action to tackle the climate crisis, protect our water, and put our communities first."

Clean Water Action and Clean Water Fund 2019 Annual Report

2019 brought an increase in the pace and severity of attacks on our water — Dirty Water rollbacks that would undermine fundamental protections for