Clean Water Action Statement on the Killing of Daunte Wright

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Minneapolis -- On Sunday, April 11, Daunte Wright was shot and killed by Brooklyn Center, MN police during a traffic stop. According to the officer, Kim Potter, didn’t know which weapon she was reaching for, using a gun rather than her taser. This mistake cost Mr. Wright his life. 

Clean Water Action Minnesota State Director, Deanna White, released the following statement:

“We can only imagine the grief of Daunte Wright’s family and community. We join them in grief  and solidarity, and demand justice for Daunte.

Our systems are broken. Daunte Wright’s death highlights that we can’t wait any longer to address systemic racism- including police brutality. We need action now, across the nation. The police wield too much power and are rarely held accountable, even when the evidence is clear and their actions result in deaths.

Black communities have highlighted for years that the policing system is dangerous and ineffective.They have demanded justice and real systemic change for decades and, as a country, we’ve only answered with changes at the margins, if we answered at all. Justice is long overdue. If we truly want to build a nation that works for everyone, if we want to end endemic police violence, we need to tear down and rebuild the institutions that uphold white supremacy. We need to reckon with our priorities as a country -- and ask ourselves what the world could look like if we put as many resources into enriching communities as we do policing them. We are committed to making that happen.”

Donations of supplies for community organizers for the protests can be dropped at the Kenyan Community Church: 6625 N Humboldt Ave, Brooklyn Center, MN 55430


Deanna White
Michael Kelly